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What is a Messier Marathon?

Messier Marathon is a term describing the attempt to find as many Messier objects as possible in one night. Messier Marathon was invented independently by several North American (including Tom Hoffelder, Tom Reiland and Don Machholz) and perhaps one Spanish amateur astronomers and groups, in the 1970s. It was probably first in the night of March 23/24, 1985 that Gerry Rattley from Dugas, Arizona, completed the list and hunted down all 110 Messier Objects in one night; while he was the first to achieve this goal, it was only about one hour later that Rick Hull duplicated this success from Anza, California. Source

What are we doing here?

Besides hosting the Messier Marathon pages for several years now, there were not many Messier Marathon results that were contributed by members from SEDS. With 2009, also being the International Year of Astronomy, we thought that doing a Messier Marathon would be the best way to celebrate!


If you want to participate in the Messier Marathon this year as a member of SEDS, please add your name below so that we may participate in the same together and enjoy our skies. To register, please add your name below and mention your national chapter. Thank you!

  • Pradeep Mohandas, SEDS India.


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