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Best Minecraft Server Software?

What server software is the best? (for my smp)

Easily Purpur. Very fast and offers gameplay changing features.

Fabric with mods like Starlight and Lithium works great too if you're gonna go for a very Vanilla feel.

+ Purpur

Been running it for quite a while now and could not be happier. Everything works and the performance is great.

Do you know if there's any Sponge-esque mod for Fabric that can emulate Bukkit plugins? I imagine probably not, since Forge and Bukkit are pretty similar whereas Fabric is all coremoddy.

I know this is 9 months old basically a complete baby but can you please tell me the recommended fabric mods other than starlight and lithium because I'm basically kind of new to this and curious.


Just a server for you and your friends:

PaperMC -

Paper is stupid fast, and gets great updates.

Looking to start a MC server open the the public:

Purpur - Link

Again, Stupid fast, and insane chunk performance improvements.

Tunity - Github Repo - (no website)

Fork of paper with performance improvements all across the board for higher playing counts.

Something also to look into: Velocity. If you want to link two servers together, you need a proxy. This does just that and super simple. If you have any troubles, their discord server is extremely helpful.

PaperMC, Purpur, and Tunity also have extremely helpful discord servers. I'd recommend popping in if you have troubles, it'll save you a lot of time.

I recommend MSM for your server manager on linux. minecraft server It's command line based, so if you know linux, it's great! It manages backups, restarting services, multiple jars, and more.

For the server jar, I recommend paper.

I actually kinda needed this. My mineos kinda failed and I've been using Linuxgsm. Linuxgsm is great for every game except Minecraft really. Thanks

Sorry to drag this thread out of the depths, but I'd like your thoughts or link to a "howto for old guys" on getting Fabric to work within MSM. I'm running a couple of servers for a small group of small people, and they keep harping at me to get a Fabric server up.

Vanilla is easy as pie. Forge took me a couple tries. Every time I hear the word "Fabric" I instantly develop a headache.

Edited to say: This is a headless ubuntu build, because where I go, I usually don't have the bandwidth to run a RDP/VNC, so all of my management is done CLI over SSH.

It depends a lot on what you plan to do. minecraft server If you want a vanilla smp, go Fabric with Lithium. If you want some customization, go with Purpur (a fork of paper) so you can use mods.

But paper and Purpur can't run actual mods, can they?


Purpur or Tuinity. I recommend purpur, since it's usually stable and works well. Tuinity would work as well, depending on the player count and lag. I've been running purpur as my server software and encountered 0 issues with it so far

If you're going with vanilla smp and not modded smp, then I suggest spigot or the paper spigot fork

Why is this being downvoted? Paper would be fine with some optimisation.

i use paper

Purpur, full stop. Yatopia I've never had issues with personally, but from what I've heard with other peoples' experiences, it's very unstable and is packed with bugs. With Purpur you're getting more or less the same performance without sacrificing much stability.

YatopiaMC is really bad and unstable. Dont use it. It's a random paste and devs dont even know what they're doing + many plugins dont work on YatopiaMC.

If you want to keep the vanilla feel, use Fabric and use these mods.

If you want pure performance then use Yatopia which is a fork of many other server software like Paper, Purpur, Tuinity, Airplane, Origami, Akarin, EMC, and mods like Lithium. Also use this guide [GUIDE] Server Optimization