Chapter Activities & Bonding

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Depending on what your school has and the creativity and interest of each group the kinds of activities available to each chapter are limitless.

Chapter Activities

Study Sessions – Students can meet before a test to review the material and ask questions.

Career Workshop- An activity when people who are curious about the space industry can see what jobs are out there.

Design competitions - There are also multiple aerospace related design competitions that a chapter can participate in as a team.

These are just sample chapter activities do not feel limited to just these.

Team Building Activities & Bonding

Making members work together to solve problems and bond greatly contributes to maintaining a cohesive chapter below are some examples of events you can implement to improve communication and bonding between chapter members.

Mentoring - Pair younger students with older students based on major, similar interest and hobbies.

Newsletter - Forming a group of students who are responsible for writing a monthly chapter newspaper.

Book Club - Invite members to read and discuss space related books.

Visit high Schools - Ask for student volunteers to visit local high schools to educate younger students about space.

Night-time stargazing and snacks

Shindig Party


Local Observatory

If your campus does not have an observatory, visiting a nearby astronomical observatory could be an entertaining experience.

Local Museum

Visiting your local aerospace or science museum would be a great group bonding activity. Museums also tend to have student initiatives already lined up.