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Doodle God, which launched in 2010 from JoyBits the company, put a puzzle-based spin on the genre of world-building. Doodle God grew into a series of games that included games like Doodle Devil, Doodle Mafia and Doodle Farm. On Friday, Doodle God Universe joined Apple Arcade's wide selection of games.

In Doodle God Universe, you'll combine different elements -- beginning only with earth, air, water and fire -to create new elements and objects to your worlds with the help of puzzles, eventually creating your own universe and supporting the life that inhabits it.

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Doodle God Universe may feel familiar to people who have played the previous games, however Paul, an avid JoyBits brand ambassador, prefers to use his first name to describe the game. Doodle God Universe comes with modern icons of redrawn elements as well as 3D scenes and more reactions. There are also modifications to the game’s difficulty and pace.

"Easiness and speed are crucial for the modern day gamers and you can feel it in Doodle God Universe thanks to the latest animations of every action performed by players, a minimal UI style that enhances usability and a dynamic scoring system that entices players to keep an eye out for new reactions," Paul told CNET over email. " The game is adapted to the style and logical thinking of a particular player now."

The Doodle God series is an A+B=C game according to Paul. Games like Triple Town, 2048 and Little Alchemy have similar mechanics, which involve combining elements from the past to create new ones. For example the official trailer for the game illustrates how the combination of fire and a bird creates the phoenix. Doodle God's unique content such as quests, puzzles mini-games, and art sets it apart from variations and duplicates, Paul says.

Apple's new hardware also helps the game in terms of 5G and A14 Bionic chips.

Paul said that "the power of the modern Apple devices including iPads, iPhones, Macs, AppleTV -- and numerous other amazing technologies, like Metal -- all this allowed us to put into practice all of our most daring game design concepts and visual ideas," Paul added.

For a long time gamers have had hours of entertainment by playing world-building games like Minecraft, Terraria, Terraria and Stardew Valley. Like all games that build worlds, Paul says Doodle God Universe is about exploring and looking for the new and unexpected.

Paul declared that world-building games can be extremely interesting for a long period of time and that many players would like to re-read Doodle God over and again like a good novel. "And when you're in an absolute lockdown, when a person spends almost all the time at home- what can be better than re-reading your favorite book, re-watching your favorite TV show, or re-creating the world in Doodle God Universe?"

To have the most fun with the game, players who pick up Doodle God Universe should be open to experiments, Paul says. Doodle God Universe rewards curiosity.

Paul said, "Use your imagination. Let creativity be your engine." "And there isn't a specific pattern to follow when playing this game, you can try to utilize your logical thinking or combine elements in a chaotic manner."

Apple Arcade has nearly 200 games including Alto's Odyssey and Angry Birds Reloaded.

If you're interested in trying Apple Arcade, you can avail a free three-month trial of Apple Arcade with the purchase of a new device, or one month at no cost if you're signing for the first time. Start the App Store and tap the joystick at the bottom of the screen to launch the service.

Apple One, which was launched in the year before is a different option. Apple One makes it simple and affordable to buy up to six Apple subscriptions which includes Apple Arcade, for one price. Recently, the service teamed up with Verizon to offer a free year-long subscription that includes unlimited plans.

For more information, visit Apple Arcade is still delivering for casual gamers. Thinkofdeath Call it Apple Arcade 2.0, with 32 new games, NBA 2K21 Fantasian and classic reboots.

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