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Space is hard. You heard it here first. And when you have hard, and honestly, very exciting work, it attracts the smartest and most driven people in the world. It can be hard to get your foot in the door in the space industry, but let us introduce you to the fellowships that enable students (undergrad or grad!) from around the country to get exposure to the industry! Being apart of SEDS helps set you apart as a dedicated individual who is passionate about space and willing to work hard, so remember to include information about your SEDS involvement in your application!

  • Tip 1: If you do not get selected, remember the competition is tough and it does not mean you won't get picked on the next round, so keep applying!
  • Tip 2: Proofread everything you write! Seek advice from others on how to write an essay that puts your best image forward.
  • Tip 3: Start filling out applications in the fall, deadlines are typically in the first two months of the calendar year with selection taking place in the spring (some fellowships are year-round so be sure to check the submission and start dates for the ones you are interested in).
  • Tip 4: Fellowships are a little different from the usual internship application. Of course, they care about your experience and knowledge as that can play a key role in some programs, but they also look for something that sets you apart: passion. You are on this site reading about this because you love space and want to be a part of it for the rest of your life, right? Make sure they know that, cause you do.

Also check out our SEDS maintained job site for more internships, scholarships, fellowships and career opportunities!
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Popular Fellowship Opportunities

  1. Brooke Owens - The Brook Owens Fellowship Program is a selective program for undergraduate women and gender-minority students with a passion for aerospace. Started in 2017, it takes a new class each year placing you with an internship, a networking summit and the ability to learn more about Brooke Owens.

Matthew Isakowitz Fellowships.jpg
  1. Matthew Isakowitz - The Matthew Isakowitz Fellowship Program was started in 2018 in remembrance of Matthew Isakowitz, a driven, talented, compassionate and generous person who lived life to the fullest and whose enthusiasm for commercial space exploration inspired everyone who had the privilege to know him. The program pairs students (undergrad and graduate) with an internship in commercial space companies around the US and hosts a summit in LA for all the fellows to meet, tour companies in the area and meet many, many leaders currently (Elon Musk!).

  1. American Physical Society: Physics Fellows - The fellowships offered by the American Physical Society (APS) are aimed at studying physics, astrophysics, geology and particle physics. APS holds partnerships with many prestigious Institutes, including the Smithsonian and Fermilab; both graduate and undergraduate students are welcome to apply.

  1. Lockheed Martin STEM - Offering several fellowship and internship opportunities, Lockheed Martin is focused on building a better future by selecting passionate students in engineering or computer sciences to partner with a mentor who can help develop their skills and take our reach farther into space.

  1. Lunar and Planetary Institute - Available to undergraduate students, the fellowships and internships offered with LPI are on the cutting edge of lunar, planetary and solar system studies initiatives. Stationed in the bay area of Texas, LPI partners students with the mentor who can best help them succeed! Accepted applicants will learn valuable research and technical skills and can join in for continuing intern-alumni events and programs.

  1. NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory - Multiple sessions year-round are available for undergrad, graduate, and doctorate students seeking opportunities to partner with JPL staff and mentors, in topics like robotics, engineering, and planetary science. A final summit is offered following completion of the program, wherein JPL seeks dedicated candidates who can help shape the future of space and they will work with students to hone those talents.

  1. NASA Pathways - The fellowships offered through the NASA pathways program are open to undergrad, graduate, and doctorate students for summer, spring and fall sessions at each NASA facility from Ames to Glenn, Langley and Kennedy. Programs vary from astrophysics to business and aerospace engineering, so there is an opportunity for anyone looking to engage in space exploration.

  1. Naval Research Enterprise Internship Program - This is a summer program that takes students interested in the engineering industry and turns that attention toward remote sensing and naval research with the DoN laboratory and research facilities. Students can make an impact in Earth sciences as they learn from leading professionals and connect with their peers and network in an expanding group of aerospace and marine engineers.

Point of Contact

Melanie Crowson
Charlie Nitschelm (For MIFP!)