Getting Rid of Snakes

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1 - The safest option would be to set a leather trap.

- If you cannot catch it yourself, then you should hire a professional snake expert.

In order to catch a snake with thick gloves, you must be able to IDENTIFY the animal, and ascertain that it is non-venomous. Place it in a pillow case and relocate it.

As a last resort, if you do not want to handle the snake or cannot identify or reach it, a snake hook or snake tongs such as pictured below will work best.

However, most bites are caused by people trying to catch or kill snakes, so maybe it's best just to leave it alone! If you want it gone, an experienced professional or a trap are your best options. Those options can be found on this page.

If you are a gardener who enjoys spending hours bent over in the heat of the day, you will be unnerved by the sight of a thin, long body suddenly creeping beneath you. The snake also enjoys your garden, and he has watched you pull rocks and weeds out of the soil. In the event that this occurs frequently enough, you might become nervous when reaching into a dense clump of vegetables, and you might eventually stop maintaining your garden altogether. Someone who delights in the fruits of their labor feels that their rewards have been abandoned. There is a chance you can catch the snake.

Check to see what kind of snake it is before you attempt to catch it. It must be handled with a special, if not professional, touch to keep a poisonous snake from dying. The snake must not be poisonous before you can begin.

Before you can re-enter your garden, you must attain control of the gates. If you want to find the snake, you'll need to go in there. If you use a long branch, yardstick or fire poker to distract it, you will also distract the snake. The focus of your tool should remain on the snake's head. Your other hand will be used to pick up the snake's tail. Snakes should have the majority of their bodies on the ground. The tail of a snake is not the best place to pick it up! To raise brisbane north snake catcher , use your stick as quickly as you can. In other words, you should hold the tail of the snake and the stick that is holding up the snake's front part with one hand. With this positioning, you can control the body of a reptile without endangering yourself. The snake needs to be relocated to a safe area. The animal may not be able to find a safe haven near you, so you can transport it by vehicle in a pillowcase. If you do not want the snake to go in a particular direction, gently point its head towards it. Gently lift brisbane north snake catcher out of a pillowcase if it is still partially covered. Back away from the pillowcase after you've left it on the ground. After the snake has slithered away, you can reclaim your linen.

To make the above method less direct, you can try throwing the snake into a large garbage bin. The snake can be guided indoors with a sweeping motion of the broom. You do not want to injure the snake by hitting or pushing it inside. As a result of the smooth sides of the container, the snake cannot climb out and will be safely relocated.

Use a shirt and a pillowcase to get rid of a snake inside your house. Place your shirt or light blanket over the snake then scoop it up and put it into the pillowcase. If you have a garbage bin or large storage container, you can position the pillowcase inside to provide the snake with access to the open space. A lid with holes over the container is required. It is now safe for you to transport your snake. You might also want to read Is it safe to handle a snake with bare hands?

Removal of snakes using professional snake traps is the safest method. While some traps are worthless, there are a few that are recommended by wildlife professionals. It is possible using these traps to catch snakes without having to manually handle the snakes. brisbane north snake catcher must be handled with care, if they are in any doubt at all as to what type of snake they are. Learn what to do after catching a snake.

There are three basic ways to catch your snake. I have listed a number below for contacting a wildlife expert. Besides catching and removing the snakes, this person can also take other steps to deal with the snake problem. You can also purchase a snake trap if you wish to catch the snake yourself. In addition, you can seal up your house and modify your land to help keep snakes away, if you don't want to learn how to catch a snake from the start.


Your snake problem can be fixed by us. 95% of the population of the US is covered by our nationwide group of snake specialists.


A trap will work if a snake is inside. An outdoor glue-based trap is inhumane, as it can catch other small animals. Reviewing and testing several snake trap designs, I found the one below to be the most effective and durable. It is a high-quality snake trap available on the market. Snake Trap is a great read.