I Was Looking For Any Recommendations

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Apologies if my formatting is crap, don't come on Reddit often lol

VanillaGaming is the deadest of all. I wonder where you got the idea from?

There are 2 fresh coming soon, maybe wait a bit more?

What's the 2nd fresh?

I was just going by the server list pinned on the wowservers main page lol

Everlook and what other vanilla fresh ? Blogging Is Good For Your

Turtlewow is nice with Warcraft lore content added

Turtle WoW is your only option for Vanilla atm and it is not entirely Vanilla.

Will definitely check it out, thanks 🙂

When ppl told me that its custom vanilla i was really expecting a lot of new/different stuff, but after trying server outside of hc mode and new bg and dung that arent used much, they barely feel custom in my book.

Maybe ididnt notice difference between vanilla and turtle custom, any1 got nice places i could check out custom stuff?

I play on the main ones. Trust me, the only place you will have some fun atm is Turtle.

Second best choice in my opinion for someone who's going to level and is not on the spectrum, is Darrowshire. Somehow I see more low level groups being formed there.

since everlook wont release a pve server, im hoping for a fresh pve vanilla server eoy. turtle looks ok, but its not the same when players already got naxx gear and shenna. Blogging Is Good For Your

The vast majority of players don’t have Naxx gear. Especially when so many people have started playing just in the last few months. I’ve been on the server for a month and I have not seen issues or complaints about Shenna… not sure why so many people keep bringing her up on this subreddit regarding TurtleWoW as if she’s ruining the server. The server has been going for 3+ years with nothing but positivity. Blogging Is Good For Your