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My mother made clothing for us as although it was another chore; wash dishes, clean bathroom, make four children their clothes for morning. As a new mother, however hard Experienced tried, I just could not get enough enthusiasm expend time making a whole wardrobe of clothing for my daughter. As my family grew I did so at times attempt, and also (sometimes) clothes for special events or fancy dress, I even made school uniforms (which, even so saved thousands of dollars!) But I have never made it to the creative heights of those mothers that many of us had during a driving trip.

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As society changed as well as the middle class became more affluent, parental attitudes changed dramatically along with the idea of our boy or girl wearing a hand me down uniform became quite inappropriate. The chance of contracting a disease, which the very weak excuse, but a good scare tactic, females entering the workforce in droves and the inability of mothers to sew, all led to the changing of little league procedures.

Clothes really are a colossal waste if bought without a purpose. Our monstrous wardrobes have heap loads of apparels. We slaves in our own impulsive buying. We really do not button or alter clothes now. We discard them because we can afford new games. There are millions looking to be clothed, value shed sewing uniforms the kids.

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