Looking for the Best Steel Pipe Manufacturers in India

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If you’re looking for the best steel pipe manufacturers, then Hariom Pipe Industries Limited (Hariom Pipe) is the one for you. This is a group that is headquartered in Hyderabad, Telangana, and falls under the umbrella of the Hariom Group. This is a well-known and well-reputed group in India, so you know that they are the best MS manufacturers in India.

Hariom Pipes are also MS manufacturers in India, but they began as the Hariom Group in 1962, and the founder was Late Shri Hariom Golas, the industrialist. Hariom Pipes are premium manufactures of steel and iron products, making them excellent steel tube manufacturers. The company has only evolved into an integrated steel manufacturer. Today they have a solid stronghold over the South Indian market in this niche of iron and steel products.

They are well-established tube manufacturers in India, and they also have a great product portfolio. This includes Hot Rolled (HR) Coils and Scaffolding Systems, Pipes and Tubes, and Mild Steel (MS) Billets. Their products are of premium quality, and they cater to diverse industrial applications, and this is across many different sectors in the country.

They manufacture more than 200 different products, and these are sold across South India. They also provide services where they give tailor-made products according to the requirements of customers in some cases. They have also begun manufacturing GP/GI tubes in NB recently. This ranges from 20mm to about 125mm and about 1.2mm to 3.0 mm when it comes to thickness. Their products include:

Mild Steel (MS) Pipes and Tubes

Roofing Sheets

H. R. Skelps/Coils

M.S. Billets

Scaffolding Systems

Here are some more facts about Hariom Pipes that are proof of how they are the best tube manufactures in India. They have rich industry experience since they’ve been here for 11 years in this particular niche. They have a total manufacturing capacity of 66,500 MT at their state-of-the-art plant that is located at Mahabubnagar in Telangana.

They have an induction furnace capacity of about 29,760 MT and a rolling mill capacity of 21,000 MT. Furthermore, their scaffolding capacity is 800 MT, and the piping mill capacity is 20,000 MT. They have a close-knit and very passionate team of more than 200 members. Hariom Pipes also has a robust distribution network with more than 1377 retailers. All this is proof that they are the steel tube manufacturers you should pick.

Hariom Pipes has years of experience and come under the umbrella of the Hariom Group, so you know that they are trustworthy and reliable in all the services and products that they offer. Even the technology they use is state-of-the-art, and they have a wide variety of products that they offer, with some of them being tailor-made for customers as well. As mentioned before, they are the best steel pipe manufacturers in India, and these are just some of the reasons and also proof of why this is so.

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