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Setting up rockets, cubesats or other that your organization has created serves as a means to generate interest in your community.
Setting up rockets, cubesats or other that your organization has created serves as a means to generate interest in your community.<br>

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As a member of SEDS, you know the value of SEDS and its benefits for members, but how do you communicate that effectively to a variety of audiences? How do you promote the relevance of your SEDS chapter and encourage more student
members? this page page gives some ideas on how to market your SEDS chapter.

Student Organization Recruitment Events

Most universities with many student organizations will host recruitment events, usually within the first few weeks of a new school-year or semester. These events can help draw new students to SEDS, as well as students who may not have heard of SEDS. This is especially the case with new chapters who are only a few years old. Most universities will have information on recruitment on their websites, usually under “Student Affairs” or similar offices.

Placement at these events is crucial, as it can draw people who have more interest in what SEDS offers. Most chapters target the science, engineering, or general STEM areas of these events, but it is dependent on what each chapter sees as their role within the university. Chapters who focus on advocacy, outreach, art, or other non-STEM activities should surround themselves with other student organizations with similar interests.

As with any student organization, SEDS chapters should try and stand out at these events. Students, especially younger ones, are usually drawn to what seems interesting. For many, this can include posters, food, merchandise, hardware, banners, tablecloths, and signs with their chapter’s name on it. For STEM oriented chapters, hardware such as rockets, cubesats, telescopes, can be a great way to draw crowds in. For booth attendance, chapters should organize a diverse set of officers and general members with knowledge on chapter activities. By showing students that chapters are open to everyone interested in SEDS’ goals, these booths become more approachable.

Finally, students should have some way to register themselves as interested. Chapters have had luck using both paper and laptops to register students to email lists and such, but some schools have separate systems sometimes using student ID’s and such. A more knowledgeable chapter will have success in recruitment of new members.

Classroom Visits

Schedule time with a professor (preferably your SEDS advisor) to send your chapter's SEDS officers into a class and talk about your chapter. A good approach would be for the officers to highlight how they have benefited from SEDS and how new members could also benefit from our organization. New members can benefit through: Conferences like spacevision,Newspace (and other conferences listed on the SEDS wiki page),Students can also benefit through competitions that we advertise through our social channels, the seds jobsite is also a means for members to benefit from SEDS and the networking opportunities with current and past members from around the globe.

Social Media Engagement

Social media engagement is a huge way to market your chapter but to market your chapter you need a marketing strategy.
The key things to consider for your chapter's social media marketing strategy are :

  • Why do you want to be on social media?
  • Who is your target audience?
  • What are you going to share?
  • Where are you going share?
  • When are you going share?

This will be a huge undertaking and it would be good to appoint a Social Media officer to manage these tasks.
Using social media to announce meetings is also a good way to generate new members.
An example of a meeting poster displaying a chapter's social media accounts is shown below:

Seds example.jpg

Outside-Chapter Communication

Developing positive relationship with near by SEDS chapters is a good way to find local marketing strategies that your chapter could adopt. By figuring out what worked for other chapters you can tailor these strategies to your local chapter.

Joint Events with Other Organizations

Creating joint events with other organizations is another surefire way to promote your SEDS chapter.
possible events include:
An intramural Hack-a-thon - Different organizations can come together to compete against each other for a prize.


Setting up rockets, cubesats or other that your organization has created serves as a means to generate interest in your community.



Guest Speaker

Hosting a guest speaker to speak at your SEDS chapter can also generte interest in your chapter from people who haven't joined yet.
Events like these also help sustain the chapter by maintaining interest in the club.


Point of Contact

Obi Anyadiegwu