Marshmallow Fluff Pancake Topping

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Homemade marshmallow frosting is the best option if you love the flavor of Chocolate but don't like the consistency of the pudding or heavy cream. It's easy to ice a chocolate fondue recipe. It's easy to experiment with flavors and create your favorite flavor. Or you can buy a low-cost candy mix that you won't even recognize. Marshmallow is a delightful addition to any chocolate fondue.

This icing can be made from just two ingredients, softened butter, marshmallow fluff or vanilla. We used Homemade Marshmallow Creme for our latest batch of iced espresso cupcakes. It was a great addition and we loved it!

So how did we make our delicious dessert? Two packages of powdered Sugar were all that was needed to make our delicious dessert. We used two teaspoons of cream cheese and one and a half teaspoons of marshmallow fluff. Mix the two powders using a food processor or blender. After the powder was blended, we spooned it over the cooled cake. Then, we used the end and a wooden spoon for spreading it evenly.

The next step in our easy to follow homemade marshmallow recipe was to whip up a nice thick batter. For the two cups of frosting, we used three cartons of cold milk. Then we threw in three whole eggs, three tablespoons of sour cream, and one and a half teaspoons of vanilla. In a bowl, we stirred in two teaspoons of the powdered sugar. After the mixture had become smooth and creamy we dipped the cakes in it. However, be sure to allow air circulation around the cake.

Next, we placed the prepared cakes into a zip-lock plastic bag and put them in the refrigerator for about thirty minutes. The cakes were then taken out of the refrigerator and lightly frost with a spatula. After doing so, we again lined the inside of the jar with the vanilla extract. With a tablespoon of butter and two teaspoons of marshmallow creme, we placed the jar into the refrigerator. We repeated this process until there were no bubbles in the marshmallow creme. Once the contents of jar had frozen to their full extent, we placed them back on the shelf.

After defrosting, we made marshmallow buttercream frosting. With a mixer, we combined the ingredients until it became smooth and creamy. Next, we transferred our bowl to a stand-mixer and beat it until the mixture formed a smooth paste. Once this was done, we placed it into the bowl and used it to make smooth, spreadable frosting on the cakes.

After we had done that, we lined the bottom with heavy cream and began pouring the mixture onto the bowl. Once all cups were in the mixer, we set it up on the stand to continue beating the butter and marshmallow until smooth. Then, we turned the paddle and dipped it into the heavy cream to get the desired thickness. After the batter was cooled, we transferred it to a separate bowl.

After our homemade marshmallow cream was prepared, we spooned it onto each of the pancakes. It gave a nice, fluffy appearance and stayed on the pancakes for an hour or so. We served them with fresh strawberries. I, the birthday boy and my kids loved it. We will definitely be trying this recipe again. dessert recipes with marshmallows He loved the butter and marshmallow flavors so much, he stayed up all night to make his own.