Minecraft Sells 12 Million Units On Xbox 360

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Mojang's sandbox build-'em-up Minecraft remains a favorite on the Xbox 360, surpassing 12 million units sold by this month. Servers

"It is pretty amazing!" Mojang's Daniel Kaplan stated in response to the latest milestone in sales. "I can remember when we first started talking about sales numbers that we'd be happy to sell 1,000,000 copies. This would have placed us on par [Battlefield 1943 or Castle Crashers, both of which are fantastic games, so we had something to strive for. Minecraft We never even dreamed of selling 12 million!"

In December 2012, Minecraft sold over 10 million copies. Mojang and its development partner 4J Studios will continue to bring up-to-date Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition with new content over the coming months, including the Candy Texture Pack due to launch on April 18.

[Image: Mojang]