Minecrafts Warden Gets More Buffs In The 119 Prerelease

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The Minecraft 1.19 release date is theoretically, on the horizon. There are many exciting features in the upcoming update, including frogs, the new allay mb, and of course the terrifying Minecraft Warden. Each of these adds something new to the game, but in the case of the Warden at the very least, it seems Mojang really wants it to terrorize us. Just another wordpress site

We are confident that you will be impressed by the Minecraft 1.19 Pre-release 3 notes. These notes are almost immediately follow pre-release 2. Perhaps because of Warden's demands. While most of the notes are about bug fixes, there are some Warden changes that are worth to mention. The first is that if a Warden is stuck in a liquid it will now angrily die instead of digging. We're not sure how one angryly despawns but we're very excited to observe it.

Another significant modification, and this was the one that specifically came in to version three of the prerelease which is that Warden's Sonic blast attack is now able to bypass damage reduction through armor spells like Protection. This makes Warden slightly more intense because it shows Mojang wants this enemy to be snubbed instead of being getting cheesed.

Although a lot of the bug fixes are very specific, it's worth noting that mobs seem more likely to appear in Nether Portals. This means that they are being broken through time and space a lot. Mojang is working on stopping that in a later version, but "will not be making any changes to this before the release of 1.19."

In non-official Minecraft news, did you know that you can use GIFs in Minecraft in the event that you are able to find a cow willing to cooperate and also understand optical illusions? We're not sure if you require a cow.