Mining The CliFi World

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This chapter describes the ambitious Minecraft project is performed in 2012, when it was new and revolutionary to use Minecraft for instructional functions. It employs standard information-era methods, including pupil interviews, teacher interviews, classroom remark and assortment of work samples and artefacts; the most significant of those were the Minecraft server and scholar-produced Wikis. What has been notably interesting about the technique of researching the Aurora56z project is 'mining' the large quantity of data collected via the preservation of the Minecraft server as well as the scholar Wikis which recorded the pondering and negotiations via the construction of the new world, Aurora56z. MULTIPLAYER SERVERS Robinson Kynan has previously composed and carried out music to accompany readings of sections from The Street by Cormac McCarthy, a dystopian Cli-Fi novel that explores the relationship between a father and son in the landscape of a dystopic future. This Cli-Fi framing of the curriculum was additionally shared and formed by all the teachers in the challenge.