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If you're a homeowner, commercial property owner or condo association delegate looking to paint your home in need of some updates then we can help. Painting is one way that most people choose improve their home's appearance and it only takes about 2-3 hours from start to finish depending upon how big the project may be so don't hesitate any longer - contact us now before somebody else does because there are limited spots available on our team at any given time as well as being residential painting services only which means no work done outside these parameters will have satisfied clients when they're done.

The biggest mistake people make when they're looking to hire a painter is the same as those who don't do their homework and call an unqualified person: cheapness. The old adage "you get what you pay for" holds true and if you want to make sure that we will give you a price of work we can be proud of then price isn't the only determining factor - there must be trust between our company and yours so please read these next few sections before contacting us about your painting project, let's talk today! Homeowners who choose to paint need to allow time from start to finish because things have been done this way for years by professionals within the industry. Start early in the morning with prep work, then begin applying the paint with brushes or rollers. Realize that it may take some time to complete each step depending on the size of your house, the trim work and doors etc.

Looking for a color to brighten up your walls? LS Painter Singapore has the expertise and experience you need! We offer free consultations, on-site visits by our efficient workers or an appointment with one of our consultants. With over years of experience, we'll make sure that every inch is painted according to size requirements so no more holes from painting gone wrong ever again. Painter Singapore offers many services related specifically towards home interior decoration such as wall paints & colors matching which can be applied at HDB flats containing 2 rooms if not 3+, 4+ or even 5+ bedroom condominiums.

LS Painter Singapore also offers wall paints & colors matching for commercial purposes, this includes but is not limited to shopping malls interior decoration, shopping mall shop houses, corporate events/office halls or event halls decoration by external service providers or anyone that wants to offer our expertise of painting services Singapore professional services to customers that are interested in painting their walls at any way they want it to be painted. We can turn ideas you have into reality with ease and expertise because we make the best use of latest developments in terms of colors for different applications such as residential homes, office buildings or shopping malls etc. which makes us one of the most reliable painters.

Our exterior painters specialize in making your house shine with the best exterior paint in town with our top-quality exterior painting services Singapore that are available throughout the nation. Our team of proficient painters has many years of experience when it comes to decorating exteriors that can turn your house into an amazing sight once you are done with all the external painting in any color you want them in.

Whether they are decorative paintings, wall murals or something else entirely, we can make use of our equipment and supplies to get the job done flawlessly without damaging your walls at all by choosing from different applications for example stencils, sponging etc.