Royal Q Robot Review Does it work or is it just a fraud

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Royal Q Robot Review: Are they safe or fraud?

If you've stepped into the crypto market You will soon realize it's a totally different world that offers a variety of options and tools. Of course, there are tools. One of these is crypto trading bot options that can help to make life easier for traders and speculators alike.

Disclaimer Note: I am not an advisor to financial institutions or a Crypto Expert. All the opinions that I have shared are based off my personal experience. This article is intended to be for education purposes only.

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With so many individuals depending on the crypto trading bots there are more and more developers who are coming up with fake software to help traders navigate the market. Most result in losses on trading.

And in recent times, there's a lot of controversy surrounding this Royal Q robot which has gained much attention due to its profit. As we go along, we'll know the profitability of this robot or not. I've been trading with this bot for over two months . So I'm ready to walk you through the way this platform works and give you my first impressions, statistics and the whole experience.

The first thing to know is why this particular program has gained so popular?

Royal Q's extremely user-friendly interface.

Excellent Referral system that earns continuous passive income.

Mobile app to automate trading in crypto.

Integration of Binance application as well as Huobi to trade.

One-time activation and low commission costs make it perfect for everyone.

That's a range of benefits. It is also my experience to prove to you my own personal experience I can assure you that Royal Q is not a fraud.

What is Royal Q?

Royal Q is an automated trading platform online for cryptocurrency that trades on your behalf within Your Binance as well as Huobi account using API settings.

In royal q trading bot , the program supports more that 50 types of crypto that are suitable that can be traded, including trustworthy organizations that have a global presence.

In addition, buyers do not have to have any expertise in trading to buy or sell on the market for crypto, which makes it a great option for beginners.

How to sign up and activate RoyalQ bot using Binance API step-by-step guide

First Impression:

Surprised by this, my first impressions were excellent, with no gummy colors, no Egyptian hieroglyphs , no user interface, everything was simple as tap water, simple as well as easy to comprehend So I signed up quickly and decided to play around with the chat feature for support. I addressed a few technical questions concerning the development of crypto.

They replied within five minutes . The response was direct friendly, helpful, and almost fatherly type of advice. I am astonished as I used this support chat system on other cryptocurrency exchange platforms and yes, I am still growing a beard, waiting for an answer on this platform. Some platforms that took the time to respond gave me insignificant answers, useless, irrelevant or simply silly.

Overall Summary of Royal Q:

Royal Q is an authentic bot platform that integrates with Binance and Huobi sharing a margin of 80:20% profits. (Royal Q makes 20% of your money and earns more than 80% of the profit)

Continuous income is guaranteed by all-hours-of-the-day monitoring, one only has to start trading by making a deposit of $140, and the robots assume the responsibility. ($120 for a year-long subscription , the rest $20 to fuel for the gas)

The deposit limit for those who want to make use of the system lies between $100-$15,000 ( Set aside $1000-$2000 on your Binance or Huobi account so your bot can trade using it)

RoyalQ isn't able to access any of the accounts you have with your Binance and Huobi account. royal q wikipedia is only able to trade on your account. Therefore, you aren't required to worry about it.

The rate of win for all transactions made on the app is 97%, which is very impressive.

How do they work?

One thing that I noticed was that the risks of trading are less when you use Royal Q because the trading robots are extremely fast and smooth.

There are two ways in which users can earn money through Royal Q.

Trading Cryptocurrency

Affiliate (Referral)


Our main objective is to allow the bot to make profit for us via quantitative trading. To get started with trading, first you need sign up at the Royal Q's official site, and then link it to the Binance or Huobi API so that it can trade on your account, without any human touch. Again, the Royal Q platform doesn't have access to the deposited money which makes it more secure for you.

When you've opened the account you need to do is to sit down with a cup of tea and relax since the robot will trade cryptocurrency for you in accordance with your capital and returns vary from 20-50% monthly based on your preferences for trading using compound interest.

This is a screenshot of my earnings for the past week.


In addition to trading in the affiliate program, RoyalQ's will be something to deeper into. This isn't a standard "bring a friend, get a one-time reward" scheme that the majority of exchanges and services operate. The structure they devised you could seriously consider designing a business around the entry point. It's not even getting into the fact that this application is the highest-tech of its kind in the business by definition.

First of all, the program is comprised of six types of referral levels. In reality, there's no precedent in this industry; and no, we're not going to throw names. However, some B platforms offer one or two levels and that's it. You can now grow your orchard with as large a number of branches and roots as your imagination will allow you to.

In the initial level you'll earn a 30 percent instant commission on anyone you referred to and also receive a commission on their transactions. This means the earning increase as the level of referral grows.

This platform is one of the top ways to make an income that is passive while your bot is trading 24 hours a day, and makes profits. Do you think that sounds appealing?

Learn how to sign up and activate RoyalQ bot step-by-step

How to Get Started on Royal Q

For more information, click here. It's a simple 3 step process.

1) Create an Account

To sign up for an account, you'll only need to input an email address. Then, click send verification code to receive the verification code in your email , and make a password. When you're done, click on register button to start.

You will now be able to download the application. Please make sure to register an account before downloading the app in a legal manner from there.


2.) Make sure you activate your account

Log into your account once you have finished installing the application on your mobile device , so that you are able to create your account.

Go to "Mine" on the app then navigate to "asset" where you will find a "deposit".

Print your Royal Q wallet address on the deposit section , so that you can transfer the amount of $140 (TRC-20) to the wallet's address. After that, you can activate your account through clicking activate.

3.) API Binding with Binance

After you've activated the account, you'll need to link the bot to your Binance or Huobi account.

If you do not have a Binance account You can open one here.

To begin, sign in to your Binance account then select More > Other API Management

Create API by creating "ROYAL Q" and then click on the "create API" button.

Click Edit and creates the API's restriction.

The only boxes you'll tick would be "Enable Reading" and "Enable Spot & Margin Trading." The rest of the boxes remain unchecked

Get your API key and secret secret from this web page.

You can go through you Royal Q app and click API binding - Binance , and after that, paste it into the Binance app.

Congrats!! Now your bot is ready to trade.

Make sure that there is some USDT In your Binance account. If not make sure you deposit it in order that it can trade on it. A range of $100-$2000 is ideal to begin, but it is possible to start with only $100. However, it's entirely up to your preferences.

4) Start Trading

Let's trade. Install your application and choose "Quantitative" just right to the main page.

There's an abundance of pairs over here. Pick the one that suits the style you prefer and click "start".

To see your daily earnings To view your earnings per day, click "Revenue" on the home.

How to sign up and activate RoyalQ bot using Binance API Step-by-step tutorial

If you face any difficulties or you want any help, feel free to reach our support via RoyalQ chat feature. For chatting with us, you only need to download the RoyalQ application, select "news" and then click on "My Counselor" and then you'll see CashCrawl as your counselor. There you can talk