Royal Q Robot Review Is this a reputable or safe scam

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royal q website : Is it a safe device or a scam?

If you've recently delved into the world of cryptocurrency and you realize that it's a very different environment with numerous options and tools. Of course, there are tools. One of these is the cryptocurrency trading bot that can make life easier for traders and speculators alike.

Disclaimer It is my understanding that I am neither an advisor to financial institutions or a Crypto Expert. All opinions shared are from my own experiences and are to be used for educational purposes only.

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With so many users relying on the bots for trading crypto, more and more developers are coming up with fraudulent software that can help ease trading market. Many suffer losses in trading.

And , in recent times there's been plenty of publicity surrounding this Royal Q robot which has gained lots of attention because of its financial success. In the end, we'll discover how profitable this is or not. I've been trading on this robot for the last two months . This means I'm well-placed in explaining the process of using this bot and share with you my first impression, analytics and overall experience.

First, let's find out why this particular program has gained so much popularity?

Royal Q's extremely user-friendly interface.

A great referral system that can earn steady passive income.

Mobile app to automate cryptocurrency trading.

Integration with Binance application as well as Huobi for trading.

A low cost commission and one-time activation costs make it ideal for everyone.

It's certainly a array of pros. Additionally, I'm able affirm from my experience it is true that Royal Q is not a fraud.

What is Royal Q?

Royal Q is an automated trading online platform that trades your trades in accounts like your Binance as well as Huobi account by using API settings.

In 2017, the speculation tool is able to support more than 50 best crypto types that can be traded, including trustworthy firms with a globally presence.

In addition, investors don't need to have any experience in trading to purchase and sell products in the crypto market so that makes it beginner-friendly.

How to sign up and activate RoyalQ bot with Binance API Step-by-step tutorial

First Impression:

In my shock, my first impressions were actually pretty good. There were no candy colors, nor Egyptian Hieroglyphs interface for users, everything was as easy to use as tap water. It's clean and easy to embrace which is why I registered quickly and decided to try out Chat support. royal q website addressed a few technical questions concerning the development of crypto.

They were able to respond in less than five minutes and gave a prompt but also a constructive and almost the kind of fatherly advice. I feel astonished because I had this chat feature on several other cryptocurrency exchange platforms and sure enough, I'm getting a beard long in waiting for answers on the other platforms. Some platforms that took the time to provide me with unspecific answer, or a sloppy, unimportant or downright ridiculous.

Overall Summary of Royal Q:

Royal Q is an authentic bot platform , which is integrated with Binance and Huobi sharing a margin of 80:20% in profit. (Royal Q makes 20% and then you make 80percent profit)

Indefinite income is made possible by all-hours-of-the-day monitoring, the user needs to enable the trading feature by placing a $140 deposit and let the robots do the rest. ($120 for a year's subscription and the remaining $20 to fuel for the gas)

The deposit limit required by investors to access the system falls between $100 and $15,000 ( Make a deposit of $1000-$2000 in the account of your Binance or Huobi account , so that your bot has the ability to trade from it)

RoyalQ doesn't have access or access to your Binance and Huobi account. RoyalQ's bot is only able to trade on your account, which means you don't need to worry.

The win rate for all transactions within the app is 97%, which is very remarkable.

How do they work?

One thing I noticed is that the risks associated with trading are less when you use Royal Q because the trading robots are extremely efficient and smooth.

There are 2 different ways in which users can earn money with Royal Q.

Trading Cryptocurrency

Affiliate (Referral)


Our main objective is to create a bot that can make profits for us through quantitative trading. Therefore, to begin trading, first , you'll need be registered on Royal Q's official website, then connect it to Binance as well as the Huobi API so that it will execute the trade for your account, without any human involvement. The Royal Q platform doesn't have any access to your bank money , making it more safe for you.

Once you've set up an account on your behalf, the only thing you need to do is to get a cup a coffee and take a rest as the robot will handle your cryptocurrency trades according to your capital and the return on investment varies between 20-50% per month based on your preferences for trading using compound interest.

This is a screenshot of my earnings during the week before.


Apart from trading and affiliate programs, the Royal Q affiliate program is something to definitely look further into. It's not the typical "bring a friend, get a one-time reward" program that in which most exchanges operate. With the design they came up with, you can really think of building a business around this entry point. Also, the simple fact that this software is the most modern in the field by definition.

The platform has six types of levels for referrals. It's true that there's no precedent in the industry. there's no need to mention names, but certain B platforms come with 1 - or 2-levels, and then it's done. There is the possibility of growing your plant with as many branches and roots that your imagination allows you to.

In the first stage, you'll earn a $30 immediately on every person who you refer to them and receive a commission on their transactions. Therefore, the commissions increase as referral volume increases.

The platform offers one of the most efficient referral programs to earn profits passively. Your bot will trade 24*7 and generates profits. Do you think that sounds appealing?

Read how to register and then activate RoyalQ bot step-by-step

How to Get Started on Royal Q

To start, click here. It's a straightforward 3 step process.

1) Create an Account

For registering an account you just need to enter your email address. After that, click on send verification code to receive the code from your email address. then set up a password. Click on the register button and proceed.

It is now possible to download the app. Do not forget to first create an account . Once you have done that, download the app from the official site.


2.) You must activate your account.

Login to your account after installing the application on your mobile device to ensure that you can make your account active.

Click over "Mine" on the app before going to "asset" where you will see an "deposit".

Then copy the Royal Q wallet address on the deposit line so you can pay an amount up to $140 (TRC-20) to the wallet address , and then activate your account via clicking activate.

3.) API Binding using Binance

After you have activated your account, you'll need to connect your bot with either your Binance as well as Huobi account.

If you don't have a Binance account, you can create it here.

First, open your Binance account and then select More -> Other -> API Management

Create API by writing "ROYAL Q" and then click the Create button.

After that , you can edit the API and adjusts the API's restrictions.

The only boxes you'll have to tick to tick are "Enable Reading" and "Enable Spot & Margin Trading." The remainder of the boxes will remain unchecked

Copy your API key and secret secret from this web page.

Go through you Royal Q app and click API binding , Binance and then paste it on there.

Congrats!! Now your bot is set to trade.

Be sure to have some USDT within your Binance account. If not put it there so that the bot can trade from it. $1000-$2000 would be a great way to startwith, although you can begin with $100. However, it's entirely up to your preferences.

4) Start Trading

Let's trade. Launch your app, then press "Quantitative" just right to the main page.

You will find plenty of pairs on this site. Simply pick one of them according to your preference before clicking "start".

To view your earnings per day, just click on "Revenue" on the home.

How to register and then activate RoyalQ bot with Binance API step-by-step guide

If you're facing any issues or require help you can reach out to us through RoyalQ chat feature. For chatting with us, you have to start by opening the RoyalQ app, go to "news" and then click on "My Counselor" and then CashCrawl will be listed as your counselor. Then, you'll have the

I also have the VIP Facebook Group WhatsApp for members who are linked to us via our link and Referral CODE ( SDU76 ). Inside the Group we discuss trading settings for new members and suggestions regarding how they can build their referrals to earn more cash.

How Beginner Friendly is Royal Q?

To be honest, Royal Q Robot is one of the easiest to use software for trading crypto there. While all trading platforms need some understanding and time to learn to, Royal Q has been built with less technical traders in mind. Furthermore, the easy and clean interface makes it easy to keep track whatever you're up to.

Final Verdict

As a final note, I'm pleased to say that I actually enjoy Royal Q, and more importantly, I plan to utilize it regularly in the near future. Indeed there are some minuses depending on the posts they post on their social media sites, I'm certain it will soon have many cool functional, well-designed features. If you're hoping to earn regular results and earn passive earnings also, you should definitely look forward to it.