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A huge collection of cheats for you to look through and includes how to get easy money, unlimited anti-drag shields and getting free bronze and iron arrows.

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We have 354 cheats and tips on PC. If you have any cheats or tips for RuneScape 2 please send them in here.

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Runescape 2 cheats



Cooooool text

Beat the Scammers and hackers!!!!!!

THERE ARE NO CHEATS IN RUNESCAPE!! But there are ints =)

Make your writing look kool

Awesome guide for members...


Protect your account from hackers

Gameprorocker's words

Easy Money in just 10 steps!!!

Making money and good items

Easiest Way To Make Your First Million

Lots of money(members)

No cheats but hints.

Unlimited anti-drag shields

Item Scam

Just a little hint.

Quick money


Don't get scammed

typeing modes

Please do this!!!!!!

Double Log in!!!

Money and levels

Bronze pick-axe

How to get money THE NON-MEMBERS WAY

Easy Iron Arrows

Easy cash for non members!!!

Fast Free Laws

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A simple way of getting 99 Runecrafting

(member only) fast easy 400k+ mage xp/h

Trim your own armour.

Stupidly easy making money (non-members)

Very easy 200k+ an hour (members)

Fishing guide

how to make money fast!!!!!

200k+ per hour *F2P!!!!* APROX. 2M+ A DAY!!!

Four easy ways to make money Runescape

How to powerlevel range MEMBERS!

3 types of bones

5 ways to get $$$$

Three ways of Moneymaking (F2P)

no such thing!!!

easy money and crafting xp

approx 3.5k every 5-10 mins

easy mage lvls

Easy and Quick Crafting Guide for Non-Members

500k+ a day (mem only)

easy money and magic xp

GOOD MONEY CHEAT!!!!! (Members Only)

easy money

easy magic exp

easy money and runecrafting exp

Money Making And Smithing experience

Easy F2P money

Quicker Firemaking

$$$How to make easy money in 5 ways$$$

How to get easy money and fast 2

Money Making Numero2

EXP!!!non mem

Easy Money for members

Easy way to make 112K- Good for Non-members

Way to get money- easy 4 non-members

Easy Cash

$,$,$,$,$,$,$! 2 (the basics) for non-mem like me =)

$,$,$,$,$,$,$! RSPS 1

How to get 99 Cooking Fast + Easy!

3M quick. (includes TzHaar Fight Pits)

Fast way to finish free quests

best members training areas (melee)

best free to play training areas

no cheats

easy 150k per hour


Some money making methods

Glitched up giant turkey

Making money for non members

Money making

Make easy money fast

kwik ca$h...

how to get you skills up and make good money

level walkthrough


true money making


training for levels 30 and above

All The Holiday Items

Money - Making (F2P)

Make good money for members and non-members

The Barrows Brothers

2k for Ess

How to make millions...

Easy Money (takes a while though)

Money Making, Herblore Experience, Runes, and Combat Experience

ways to make money

All the dragon types (plus a new one)

easy oney 4 mems

Make big money fast!

make big $$$$$$$$$$$$

easy money for fishing on runescape

karamja lobster help

easy/free mage xp

Lots 'o' money

Chaos Runes For non-MEMBERS TOO!>_<

stupid things people do.