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What is SpaceVision?

Since 2004, SEDS has provided the opportunity for its chapters to bid and vote on the next host of SpaceVision, an annual, national, student-led conference. Each year, a different chapter hosts the conference, giving the selected chapter(s) the opportunity to show off their unique attributes. SpaceVision attracts over 400 student attendees yearly from SEDS chapters across the country. The conference in 2019 is expected to reach an audience of over 500 attendees and will be the first SpaceVision to host students from its international chapters.

At this conference, students attend lectures, workshops, career fairs, and social events to not only grow their knowledge on all things space, but to also connect with their peers while building their professional network. The conference is concluded with a banquet, where awards for both individuals and chapters are given out. Each banquet will have an inspirational keynote, and offers students the chance to continue fostering new relationships over a three-course meal. Any student, professional, or interested party is invited to attend the banquet. Banquet tickets are typically sold separate from the conference registration.

Hosting SpaceVision

At the end of each spring semester, a bid to host SpaceVision is opened. Any SEDS USA chapter within the US is eligible to apply to host the conference. Each application consists of a written proposal, which covers the what, where, when, why, and who portion of the conference. Where will it be hosted? When do you propose your chapter will host? Why should your chapter be selected to host? Who will be hosting? Who will be speaking? This application is only reviewed by the Board of Directors. After submitting this form, chapters will present their theme, potential venue and speakers, and the unique characteristics of their school/chapter during a CoC meeting. These presentations will be recorded and sent out to the chapters via email and will include the question and answer portion of the presentation. Each chapter that is in good standing will be given a vote and the selected chapter will be notified after the votes are tallied. In the event of a tie, the Board of Directors will refer to the written proposal to make their final selection.