Starting a SEDS Chapter

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Finding Officers and Members

Finding an Adviser

Writing a Constitution

Becoming a Chapter within SEDS USA

You have done it, you have found club members, gotten an advisor and written a constitution now how do yu become an official SEDS chapter?


The first step is to reach out to the Chapter Expansion Manager and the Chair of the Council of chapters via email and sign up officially on our SEDS website.

You will also be required to provide this form the information to be filled include:

  1. University [SEDS Chapter Name] (ie CU Boulder [CUSEDS] )
  2. Chapter Email
  3. President
  4. President’s Email
  5. VP/ CoC Representative
  6. VP/CoC Rep’s Email
  7. Chapter Advisor
  8. Chapter Advisor’s Email
  9. Election time for new board
  10. Website
  11. Facebook Page

These details are required in order to facilitate communication between SEDS USA and member chapters.

Dues & Bylaws

Council of Chapters