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* [[Safety First]] '''Responsible: Charlie Nitschelm'''
* [[Research Projects & Competitions]] '''Responsible: Charlie Nitschelm'''
* [[Research Projects & Competitions]] '''Responsible: Charlie Nitschelm'''
* [[Engineering Project Management]] '''Responsible: Charlie Nitschelm'''
* [[Engineering Project Management]] '''Responsible: Charlie Nitschelm'''

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Build Updates

Hi all! I have created a working directory of all the pages we are focusing on writing up for the beginning of the school year (Target finish date of August 23rd!). I have also created a short YouTube video for us to go over the basic of editing the wiki pages on here (it is at the bottom of this page). I have just finished up filling in each page with section ideas on what should be included. I have also added the name of the person responsible for the building of the page, as it is all of us that will make this wiki useful for everyone throughout the USA.

UPDATE 1 - 8/28/10: The wiki is coming along, but we are squaring away getting the work everyone has been doing onto the wiki and formatted correctly. There will be a huge push coming over the next week (or two) to identify new pages we want, eliminate ones that have not come to fruition, and connect with other SEDS leaders around the country on what input would be valuable to the pages. Cheers all!

The current Chair of SEDS USA, Mr. Dan Hirst!

All of us have knowledge that is a commodity to others. Sharing that unique knowledge allows our fellow SEDS family to grow our ideas and work closer to the stars.
-Charlie Nitschelm, 09/2019

Welcome Space-Nerds!

This SEDS USA Wiki is basically all information made specifically for YOU! Yes, you, who might be a student that might have heard about a SEDS chapter at their university and wanted to learn more, or a new recruit that is trying to undergo one of the hardest tasks, starting a chapter. This was made for you, and honestly, by you. Everything you see done on this Wiki has been written by students for students. If you have any ideas on how to improve this Wiki, we need to hear from you! Please click SEDS Form to have your ideas heard and incorporated into our Wiki. It takes a lot of work to get information transitioned from generation to generation, but it is a necessity for continuous improvement of SEDS USA and the individual chapters.

Ad Astra,

Charlie Nitschelm


Here is the link for the Responsible Writers for live tracking: Tracking Sheet



Outreach & Events


Professional Development

For help as we develop this page


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