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SEDS USA is a family. A big one. From sea to shining sea, current SEDS students and alumni can be found in over 120 colleges and nearly every space-related organization. The nationwide SEDS USA organization oversees the individual chapters, enabling them to be connected and network with each other. SEDS USA is comprised of students just like you passionate about the power of space, and the potential it has to change the world. The chapters are just extensions of this mission: empowering students to gain experience, network and inspire the future generations of space-loving students.


Students for the Exploration and Development of Space (SEDS) is a student-run international organization whose purpose is to promote space exploration and development through educational and engineering projects. SEDS USA is the governing body over all the individual chapters in the United States and consists of a board that is completely student-run. It is overseen by a board of advisers and a board of trustees. Any students in a SEDS chapter within the country can run for a position on SEDS USA (Board or Staff) at our annual SpaceVision conference, or if a space becomes available mid-term.


SEDS USA offers tons of opportunities to its chapters around the country, though it is your job to stay on top of deadlines to be eligible! Apart from hosting in-house engineering and business competitions (which is explained in depth deeper in the wiki), it supports the leaders of each chapter with financials, management, and getting connected to other space lovers in the area. Everyone on the board and staff at SEDS USA is an email (even call!) away, and is ALWAYS willing to help. We are here to support you and help your chapter grow into a space loving community that is prepared to help us get to space, Mars and beyond!

A photo during the 2018 SpaceVision conference in sunny San Diego, California! SEDS UCSD showing off their amazing engineering work over the last few years when they hosted SpaceVision 2018

Other Websites

Although this Wiki page is to clearly state useful information for everyone around the country when participating in their local SEDS chapter, other online websites can be a good way to browse the stuff that is going on with us too!

SEDS USA Website Important, front end material for the entire SEDS USA
SEDS Wikipedia Contains a more in-depth history of SEDS

Other Branches

SEDS USA, although the largest and original branch of SEDS, is not the only one out there! There are branches in several countries, including: UKSEDS, SEDS-Canada, SEDS-Turkey, SEDS-UAE, and SEDS India. That means that there are students all around the world that are in the same organization at their university or high school because they are passionate about the space industry. I mean, why wouldn’t someone love space?!