Yes Mojang Plans To Flesh Out Minecraft On IOSAndroid

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As you could be aware, Minecraft Pocket Edition - the diminutive iOS and Android version of the block-based mostly phenomenon - isn't really Minecraft. At current, it allows gamers to build creations as they see fit, however lacks a lot of the features discovered within the Laptop and Mac versions. Specifically, there isn't a Survival mode and all of the things it entails, including merchandise crafting, enemies, meals, and so on. The blog

In a current blog post, Mojang's Daniel Kaplan said that the company plans to treatment the lack of Survival mode, at least partially. He acknowledged that the goal is not to utterly "replicate" the total experience of Minecraft, as many features merely don't "match the touch platform." MINECRAFT That said, many acquainted options are deliberate, together with animals, enemies and merchandise crafting. Mojang is also "experimenting" with caves, though the implementation nonetheless wants work.

And, after all, Mojang hasn't specified when gamers can count on these options. That's okay although, as a result of our full scale Battlestar Galactica is going to take some time anyway. The blog